About Us

VOIP (Voice Over IP) has been around for many years. Our first contact with the technology was in 1999 when working for one of the biggest Telco’s worldwide. Since the quality of VOIP depends on the speed of the Internet, it did not perform well on ADSL and ADSL2+ connections. However with the introduction of NBN high speed plan ( 50/20mb and 100/40 mb) and fibre internet, quality of voice over internet has improved significantly. In near future, all PSTN will be replaced by VOIP. The reduction on the hardware prices and the introduction of different VSPs (Voice service providers) have changed the VOIP market completely to allow most of the people to start enjoying this technology and save money. GlobalTek VoIP was created to facilitate this technology transition for SOHOs and Home Users. Our AIM is to be the Australian Gurus in new telecommunication technologies and cost reduction as we have experience with the latest hardware and enterprise grades VOIP plans currently offered through AAPT and Vocus. We can provide you with free advice, consultancy, installation, hardware and software to help you achieve the most of the VoIP Technology.